Spike Stitch

Standard name:  Spike Stitch

Variations:  Long Stitch

UK Examples:
dc spike
long tr
long double crochet
tr spike

USA Examples:
sc spike
long dc
long single crochet
dc spike

Spike stitches are usually made with either double (USA - single) crochet or treble (USA - double)
crochet stitches.  The spike being made by inserting the hook into a stitch (or chain space) the row (or several rows) below the row currently being worked.

The hook can also be inserted into a stitch (or chain space) to the left or right of the place being worked to create different patterns.

Tutorial (dc spike):

 1.  This example shows double (USA - single) crochet stitches being worked, with a spike being made into the row below.  The hook will be inserted into the stitch indicated.
2.  Insert hook into the stitch (or chain space) where the spike is required.
3.  Pull the yarn through the stitch (or chain space).

4.  Pull the yarn up until it reaches the height of the stitches currently being worked.
5.  Wrap the yarn around the hook.
6.  Pull the yarn through the 2 loops already on the hook to complete the double crochet (USA - single crochet).


The spike could also be worked by inserting the hook 2 rows below as indicated.
Or 3 rows below as shown here.
This pattern has been made by making spike stitches 1, 2 or 3 rows below the row being worked.