Popcorn Stich (pc)

Standard term:  Popcorn Stitch

Standard Abbreviation:  pc or pop

UK Examples:
4trpc - 3 treble popcorn
5tr pop - 4 treble popcorn
6 dtr pc - 5 double treble popcorn

USA Examples:
4dcpc - 3 double popcorn
5dc pop - 4 double popcorn
6 tr pc - 5 treble popcorn

A collection of completed stitches which are joined at the top of the first and last stitch to form a prominent bump in the fabric being worked.
Usually worked with  treble (USA double) crochet stitches but could be worked with taller stitches.

Tutorial (5tr pc):

 1.  This example will show a popcorn made from 5 treble (USA - double) crochet stitches.  The picture shows that the first treble (USA - double) stitch has been made, now the remaining 4 tr's (USA - dc's) need to be made in the same stitch (or chain space).

 2.  The 5 treble (USA - double) stitches have now been made and the first stitch now needs to be joined to the last to make a popcorn.  Pull up the working yarn to enlarge the loop on the hook to make sure the last stitch is not lost and then remove your hook from the work.
 3.  Insert the hook into the the top of the first treble (USA - double) stitch that was made.

 4.  Replace the working loop on the hook and re-tighten the loop to the usual size.
 5.  Pull the loop through the first stitch.
 6.  This closes the stitches together and completes the popcorn stitch.


The popcorn stitch makes a prominent bump when used in either solid or open fabric.