Picot Stitch (p)

Standard term:  picot

Standard abbreviation:  p

Variation:  Make picot (mp)

A picot is a small loop made out of chain stitches.  Usually 3 chain stitches are used, but more chains can be used to create a bigger loop.

Commonly used along the edges of work for a decorative finish but also used as part of some stitch patterns and to add decorative elements to doilies.


1.  Make 3 chain stitches.
2.  To make a small loop out of the chains, a slip stitch is made into the first chain of the length.  In this case, the first of the 3 chains.  The hook should go into the side of the chain as indicated in the picture.
3.  Insert your hook into the chain.  Notice that the hook is going through the chain so that 2 loops are showing over the hook stem.  Wrap the yarn around the hook.

4. Pull the yarn through the chain and through the loop already on the hook.
5.  The chains are now joined to form a loop and the picot stitch is complete.