Crab Stitch

Standard term:  Crab Stitch

UK term:  Reverse Double Crochet

UK abbreviation:  rdc, rev dc, reverse dc

USA term:  Reverse Single Crochet

USA abbreviation:  rsc, rev sc, reverse sc

Made by working a double (USA - single) crochet stitch backwards or in the reverse direction to the rest of the piece.  Each stitch being made to the right of the last.

Used as a decorative edging.


1.  To make the stitch in the reverse direction we need to put the hook into the stitch to the right of the stitch just made.
 2.  Place the hook in the stitch as indicated above.
 3.  Wrap the yarn over the hook and pull through the stitch.

 4.  Wrap the yarn over the hook.
 5.  Pull the yarn through pull loops on the hook.
6.  That completes the reverse double (USA - single) crochet.