Bullion Stitch

Standard name:  Bullion Stitch

Variation:  Roll Stitch

A tricky stitch to work, the bullion stitch is made by making multiple wraps around the hook, usually around 10-13 wraps.  The resulting is a vertical 'roll' of stitches, usually made to equal the height of a treble stitch (USA - double crochet).


 1.  To begin wrap the yarn around the hook the required number of times, in this example I have made 9 wraps.
2.  Insert the hook into the stitch (or chain space).
 3.  Wrap the yarn around the hook and pull through the stitch (or chain space).

 4.  Wrap the yarn around the hook again and pull the yarn through all the loops on your hook.
 5.  This part can be very tricky to achieve.  You can hold the loops on the hook still while you pass the hook through, or pick the loops off individually and pass them over the hook end.
6.  Once this is complete, wrap the yarn over the hook again.

7.  Then pull through the loop on your hook to complete the stitch and secure the roll in place.